Sung Ju Hwang

Sung Ju Hwang is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and School of Computing at KAIST. Prior to working at KAIST, he was an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UNIST, and before that he was a postdoctoral research associate at Disney Research, working under the supervision of Professor Leonid Sigal. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from The University of Texas at Austin, under the supervision of Professor Kristen Grauman. During his Ph.D. he closely collaborated with Professor Fei Sha at The University of Southern California.

PhD Students

Jaehong Yoon

UNIST, M.S., CS, 2017

UNIST, B.S., CS, 2016

Lifelong Learning, Neural Architecture Search, On-Device Federated Learning

Hayeon Lee

KAIST, M.S. CS 2018

Sungkyunkwan University, B.S., CS, 2016

Meta Learning, Neural Architecture Search, Generative Models, Bayesian Deep Learning


Haebeom Lee

UNIST, M.S., CS, 2018

UNIST, B.S., CS, 2016

Meta Learning, Bayesian Deep Learning


Bruno Andreis

KAIST, M.S., CS, 2019

UNIST, B.S., EE, 2017

Computer Vision, Network Compression, Reinforcement Learning


Jay Heo

UNIST, M.S., CS, 2019

University of Texas at Austin B.A., Psychology, 2015

Learning & Inference in Interpretable Machine Learning Models, Time Series Analysis,  Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction

Minseon Kim

KAIST, M.S., EE, 2020

KAIST, B.S., CS/Bio & Brain Eng., 2018, 

Self-Supervised Learning,

Adversarial Learning


Jin Myung Kwak

KAIST, M.S., CS, 2018

UC Berkely B.S., EECS, 2014 

Natural  Language Understanding, Conversation Agent, Text Generation

Taewook Nam

KAIST, M.S.,  CS, 2020
KAIST, B.S.,  CS, 2018

Meta Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Deep Learning

MS Students

Junhyun Park

UNIST, B.S., CS, 2018

Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning

Dongbok Lee

Korea University, B.S., CS, 2019

Natural Language Processing, 

Generative Models

Jaewoong Shin

KAIST, B.S., Mathematics/CS, 2019

Meta Learning, Generative Models

Seanie Lee

Yonsei University, B.A.,

Library and Information Science, 2018

Natural Language Processing, Generative Models

Jeongun Ryu

KAIST, B.S., CS, 2019

Meta Learning

Divyam Madaan

Panjab University, B.Eng., IT, 2019 

Adversarial Robustness, Network Compression, Ensemble Learning

Wonyong Jeong

State University of New York B.S., CS, 2019

Federated Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Continual Learning

Giwoong Lee

UNIST, B.S. CS, 2017

Federated Learning, Generative Models

Minki Kang

KAIST, B.Eng, CS/EE, 2020

Natural Language Understanding, 

Reinforcement Learning

Jeff Willette

Arizona State University,

B.A., Business, 2010

Calibration, Time Series Analysis

Jinheon Baek

Korea University,

B.S., CS/B. Eng., 2020

Graph Neural Networks

Dongchan Min

KAIST, B.S, EE/Business, 2020

Speech, Generative Models

Hyewon Jeong

Yonsei University, College of Medicine, M.D., 2019

KAIST, B.S., Biology, 2015

Machine Learning for Health

Eunyoung Hyung

POSTECH, B.S., CS, 2019

Meta Learning, Reinforcement Learning

Minyoung Song

Ewha University, B.S., CS, 2020

Network Compression, Neural Architecture Search

Seul Lee

KAIST, B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2019
Generative Models, Graph Neural Networks

Administrative Staff

Hannah Park


Ahra Jo

Research Scientist

at LG Science Park
UNIST, Ph.D., CS, 2016

Donghyun Na

Research Scientist

at TmaxSoft
(Substitute Military Service)

KAIST, M.S., CS, 2019

Wuhyun Shin

Research Scientist

at KakaoBrain

Visiting Researcher
Sungkyunkwan University, M.S.

Tuan Nguyen

Ph.D. student 

at Oxford
KAIST, M.S., CS, 2020